First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for your interest and support to Alternatives Summit Korea (ASK) Office, The Korea Economic Daily.

As ASK Office is a department of The Korea Economic Daily, which is one of the most well-known media groups in Korea, it is exclusively focused in organizing events in relation to alternative investment classes including private equity, private debt, real estate, hedge fund, infrastructure and other assets. In the events that we organize, investors and fund managers have opportunities to network for possible business partnerships in the future.

We classify these events into two big sectors, one being ASK Summit, the other being KED Investor Forum. We will continue to develop fruitful and beneficial events for both General Partners and Limited Partners. Using ASK Summit and KED Investor Forum as channels, parties will be able to discover better investment opportunities in the low-growth environment where market uncertainties are rising.

ASK Office is currently going through the process of introducing newsletters of Korean market to our sponsors. Also we will be an intermediary between both parties and are aiming to deliver helpful insights and market prospects that are gained through in depth knowledge and information from The Korea Economic Daily.

Once again, thank you for you continuing support and ASK Office will respond by organizing more outstanding events.

Kindest regards,

Kwang Lee

Kwang Lee

Chief Representative

Kwang Lee

Lee , Kwang
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